Jan/Feb/Sept Rolling Admission Openings

When it comes to international admission processing, study abroad package, full and part tuime scholarship opportunity; LTB Consult is the right place to go.

Let process your international admission placement. it is a process that needs early and dedicated preparation. We are here to give you an all-inclusive package; from registration and taking the right tests to admission application and visa documentation guidance. You get a full package with LTB Consult.

What is your country or destination of choice? Canada, UK, US, Australia, Georgia, Cyprus, Germany, Malaysia, India? If yes! Let’s help with admission & Visa. With our wealth of experience in student admission process for certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, undergraduate and graduate and PhD students; we are pose to offer you the best in international admission into great schools all over the world with scholarship opportunity open to African students.

Qualifying Text!

Getting the adequate information and doing it right is as important as can be; many international college bound applicants make grievous mistakes from the get go. There are certain qualifying tests for international admission, without which the chances at admission can be derailed.

  • SAT
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • The above tests have their peculiarity and yes, similarity hence; knowing which test to take and when to take it is very vital. Register and prepare for these in due time.

    Work Permit

    When our experts handle your admission process; we avail you with work permit possible with our partnering universities and colleges. Students are eligible to work in most of the countries mentioned above (UK exempted), while studying with a minimum of 6 months’ work permit given to student; such can be renew subsequently.

    Visa & Air Ticket Booking

    We have consultant on ground to help with your visa procurements and flight reservation and issuance.

    Registration & Requirements

    Register with us as soon as possible to ensure prompt application process. You will require the following documents whilst registering with us:

    1. WAEC Result
    2. CV
    3. Two Reference Letters
    4. Personal Statement
    5. Sponsorship Letter
    6. Application processing fee/retention fee
    7. Data page of your International Passport
    8. TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMATS (as the case may be)
    9. Transcripts of previous studies
    10. Statement of result/degree certificate
    11. Medical reports – HIV, HEPATISIS and YELLOW FEVER CARDS - certified by the country’s consulate in Nigeria
    12. Police reports
    13. Two Passport Photographs