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When it comes to international admission processing, study abroad package, full and part tuime scholarship opportunity; LTB Consult is the right place to go.

Foreign Exams

With LTB you are assured of a hitch-free experience as we help in your acquiring and preparation of your test. Our classes are bespoke and clinical in nature.

Travels & Tours

We have earned a reputation for satisfying the needs of the budget traveller with an appreciation of historical heritage, natural beauty, ecotourism and human values.

There is no waiting with LTB Travel and Tours, whether it is for a ticket, or an airport transfer, Chauffeur Services or a hotel booking, etc.


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Why should I consider Educational Consultant?

Admission rates to top colleges have reached record lows. At the same time, high school guidance counselors are being asked to do the impossible. The cost of college continues to climb out of control. Parents and students feel overwhelmed by the college admissions process and many do not make optimal choices for college, including how to pay for it. Families feel confused, misled, and scared of the costs to come.
That's why we created at LTB EDU Consult are here for you., Whether you are in the top one percent of your class or are a great student who gets mostly "B's" we can help you in your college planning.

What makes you different from other consultants?

LTB EDU Consult uniquely focuses both on college admissions and scholarship advising. We’re backed by over a decade of experience, hundreds of satisfied clients, and we proudly stand behind our services and products as a BBB Accredited Business. We want you to be satisfied - there are never any long-term commitments to work with us, and if you have any concerns, we will make things right.
We leave no stone unturned for students. We conduct extensive research so that we can figure exactly what's right for each individual. The college lists that we create for them are not generated by feeding data elements into a computer program and then having it burped out. Computers are good up to a point, but they don't take into account the personal side of what we do. Our work with students and parents is personal, and so is the college list that we develop. Simply put, a good college list is one of the key components to a good college search. Additionally, some educational consultants package their students, we do not.
LTB EDU Consult also offers flexible payment plans in order to make these services available to more people. We think these services should be accessible to more people. That also makes us different!

How early can we start?

We work with students as early as the middle senior high (SS2) through graduate school assembling a portfolio for college and scholarship committees. LTB EDU Consult also recognizes that it makes little sense to apply to top schools without a strategy to pay for it, so we coach students on how to compete for grants, scholarships and fellowships.
The educational consulting process is very intense; it takes hard work and considerable time. But the time spent varies student-by-student and individual situations. Some students need to spend more time working with us than others do. For instance when it comes to writing essays, some of my students work through that process rather quickly; for others the essay requires multiple re-writes. We give each student guidelines to help them through various tasks. The more independent the student, the more apt he/she is to take the ball and run with it. And, then, there are those who need help every step of the way because of their situations or workloads. Most importantly we take considerable time getting to really know each student so that we can give them the best solution that fits their needs we take pride in doing whatever it takes to get the job done well.