Why should I consider Educational Consultant?

Admission rates to top colleges have reached record lows. At the same time, high school guidance counselors are being asked to do the impossible. The cost of college continues to climb out of control. Parents and students feel overwhelmed by the college admissions process and many do not make optimal choices for college, including how to pay for it. Families feel confused, misled, and scared of the costs to come.
That's why we created at LTB EDU Consult are here for you., Whether you are in the top one percent of your class or are a great student who gets mostly "B's" we can help you in your college planning.

What makes you different from other consultants?

LTB EDU Consult uniquely focuses both on college admissions and scholarship advising. We’re backed by over a decade of experience, hundreds of satisfied clients, and we proudly stand behind our services and products as a BBB Accredited Business. We want you to be satisfied - there are never any long-term commitments to work with us, and if you have any concerns, we will make things right.
We leave no stone unturned for students. We conduct extensive research so that we can figure exactly what's right for each individual. The college lists that we create for them are not generated by feeding data elements into a computer program and then having it burped out. Computers are good up to a point, but they don't take into account the personal side of what we do. Our work with students and parents is personal, and so is the college list that we develop. Simply put, a good college list is one of the key components to a good college search. Additionally, some educational consultants package their students, we do not.
LTB EDU Consult also offers flexible payment plans in order to make these services available to more people. We think these services should be accessible to more people. That also makes us different!

How early can we start?

We work with students as early as the middle senior high (SS2) through graduate school assembling a portfolio for college and scholarship committees. LTB EDU Consult also recognizes that it makes little sense to apply to top schools without a strategy to pay for it, so we coach students on how to compete for grants, scholarships and fellowships.
The educational consulting process is very intense; it takes hard work and considerable time. But the time spent varies student-by-student and individual situations. Some students need to spend more time working with us than others do. For instance when it comes to writing essays, some of my students work through that process rather quickly; for others the essay requires multiple re-writes. We give each student guidelines to help them through various tasks. The more independent the student, the more apt he/she is to take the ball and run with it. And, then, there are those who need help every step of the way because of their situations or workloads. Most importantly we take considerable time getting to really know each student so that we can give them the best solution that fits their needs we take pride in doing whatever it takes to get the job done well.

How do you work with clients?

We are available seven days a week, 52 weeks a year and respond promptly to phone calls, emails and faxes. We have worked with students from across Nigeria, neighboring country, and international. If you have a telephone or a computer with a connection to the Internet, we can work with you.

How does your process work?

The roll of a college educational consultant is to be an objective 3rd party. we spend a great amount of time gathering information from the family and the student. About 90-95% of my time is spent working directly with the student. We gather information through different types of questionnaires and interviews with both the parents and the student. we conduct a career and interest inventory for the student and collect other data, over time that gives us a complete picture of each of my students. It is vital that we learn what makes each of them "tick", what gets them excited and what their passions are.
Following an analysis of all this information, we figure out what needs to happen for this student and what makes them special, taking into account their learning style and other factors, and then breaking the process down into manageable tasks. The earlier someone starts with us, the less these tasks need to be condensed; ultimately they all have to get done.
Parents are an integral part of the process. Along the way, we communicate with them as often as needed. Their calls and emails are always welcome. However, it is the student that must take ownership of the process in order to achieve the best possible outcome for him/her. Following this path may also be considered a course in leadership and personal responsibility.

What about confidentiality?

We never identify our clients to anyone, under any circumstances. All communications between LTB EDU Consult and our clients are kept strictly confidential.

Do you uphold any professional standards/ethics?

We are a registered educational consultant with the CAC, A certifies PEIR Agency, member of ICEF - (International Consultants for Education and Fairs) our consultancy is student-centered and we will do what it takes to make you happy with our partnership.

What type of payment plans do you offer?

We require a retainer and other unforeseen bill. The earlier a family gets started, the better We also adjust our overall fee for a Comprehensive Plan if a family earns below a certain threshold, as we are very interested in serving all classes of families, we remove the idea that only the wealthy can afford to study abroad. We also pay a third party to work directly with and fill out all of the Financial Aid forms; the FAFSA and the CSS Profile at those schools that require that form.
LTB - Educational Consultants providing college consulting and counseling services to parents and students in Nigeria and neighboring countries...