Successful Co-existence

  • We partner with Universities, Business schools, College and international professional bodies to bring quality professional and career development courses to individual and corporate organizations.

  • We also develop as well as generate productive new business idea for would be entrepreneur.

  • We source for and recruit eligible student to international university of choice.

  • We offer training for SME, retiree, fresh graduates and undergraduates who wish to try their hands in new business or who wish to do their ongoing business better.

  • We organize seminar, exhibition for colleges, business schools and universities who wish to make themselves known to the Nigeria Market.

  • We have successfully worked with organizations like FAAN, NYSC to mention but few.

  • This is subject to having a profitable legal business and professional relationship with you.

  • 1. Education Management & Consulting
  • International Admission Placement

  • Study Abroad Packages

  • Registration and training for foreign text: GRE, GMAT, SAT, TPEFL, IELTS

  • A ‘Level remedial classes and registration
            Cambridge A ‘level

  • Corporate Training

  • E-learning

  • 2. Business Support Services
    3. SME Package - Support, Service and Training